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This year's show will be slightly different than in the past because it's all digital and streaming media.  This means that ads will be handled differently this year than previous years.  We will place your ad spots integrated between numbers, so they will be seen right in line with the rest of the video as it's being watched.


Below are some samples of what an "ad" would look like on our show video this year.


Use the green boxes below to make your purchase.

Use your Promo Code HERE if you have one 


After the show premiere, all sponsors who purchased ads will be listed here on this page and their ad videos displayed for the upcoming year.  

All submission deadlines are extended to 4/15/21

(but sooner is better than later)

$50 Perma-Banner Ad w/Link displayed on our Watchpage under the Show Video.

(Not in the video itself so Ad is always visible):

$50 Banner, linked & docked under video

$50 Banner, linked & docked under video


$100 Business Advertisement 20 to 30 seconds long

(Be sure to click /hover & click the sound button to hear the video)

$100 Video Ad Purchase

$100 Video Ad Purchase


$10 Friends & Family Ads:

Let us make a video for you:

OR you can film a 10 second Ad yourself and send us the video you make:

OR you can do the same thing as in previous years, using your message and picture. 

Whatever you send us, we will put it it in the video for your performer!

$10 Friends & Family Shout-Out

$10 Friends & Family Shout-Out



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