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About Village Follies

Village Follies is long standing, annual community theatre variety show created to support the Community House of Winnetka. We donate our proceeds to the Community House, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit, for use in their educational and community events and programs. 

Village Follies is different than the average Community Theatre and the average Variety Show because the amateur performers you see onstage not only write their own scripts, but many choreograph and direct their numbers as well. And we have some cast members who write their own original songs, too.

The Village Follies was first established as a variety show in the 1930s by the Winnetka Woman's Club. In 1992, it became its own community theatre taking the name of the Winnetka Village Follies. A few years later, they rebranded into simply Village Follies.  Each year the theme of the show is different, as evidenced by the latest: “The Beat Goes On” in 2022, “Follies in Wonderland” in 2023 and this year’s 2024 “Earth, Wind & Follies; It’s Elemental”.

Village Follies hosts several fundraisers through the year in order to raise money to put on the show, which in turn donates the proceeds to the Community House. In the fall tickets are sold for their “Halloween Party” and in the winter for their “Winter Soiree”.

The shows are produced on the Matz Hall stage in the Community House. Seating is table style and patrons are welcome to buy tickets for an entire table and bring food & drink to share with their group before the curtain rises.  The show runs about 2 hours in length and features over 30 short numbers.  Each of the 30+ cast members is a volunteer.  The show consists of parody cover songs, jokes, creative dances and clever sketches with a touch of vaudeville spirit.

If you are interested in joining in the fun, trying your hand as a cast or crew member, or supporting our arts endeavors, please email: We would love to have you join our band of thespians!

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